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As CasaCare REMALEX S.L., we carry out the following services ourselves

"Welcome package"

We will fill your fridge according to your wishes.

Beratung Grundstückskauf
Maintenance and care of the house outside and inside

An important part of our extensive range of services is to regularly check whether maintenance and care work needs to be carried out, both inside and outside the building.

sky-5534319_1920 (1)
Ventilation of all rooms

Ventilating all rooms is an important protection against mold growth in the house. Good ventilation reduces the humidity in the rooms and thus prevents mold from forming on the walls.

Control of the function of garden irrigation

Our service includes checking and, if necessary, adjusting the irrigation system to ensure that the plants are adequately supplied with water.

Funktionsprüfung und Steuerung der Haustechnik
Functional testing and control of the building services

Monitoring the functions of heating, electricity and water is important to ensure that these home automation systems are functioning properly and are available at all times.

Checking the mailbox

We make sure that your mail is kept safe and tidy.

Emergency intervention by electricians or plumbers

In the event of an emergency, it is vital that the intervention of electricians or plumbers is done quickly and precisely to solve the problem and limit damage.

Monthly Report

You will receive a monthly report with photo documentation on the activities of all inspections, repairs and recommendations during the period of your absence.

Monthly Management Report

Our monthly management report is a comprehensive report that contains all the important information about your property. We carry out regular inspections to ensure that your home and garden are in the best condition.

Monthly billing

You will receive a monthly transparent invoice from CasaCare REMALEX S.L. for the support and for the mediation and coordination of service providers by us.

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Coordination and control of craftsman activities

With us, you will be able to arrange, coordinate and supervise craftsman activities in your property during your absence

key-2323278_1920 (2)
Handing over the keys to "Family & Friends" and holiday guests

Our partner companies have years of experience in organizing and carrying out key handovers and have a high level of professionalism.

Handing over the keys to subcontractors / cooperation partners

Our partners are responsible for handing over the keys to subcontractors or cooperation partners and taking care of this process.

Briefing of visiting guests

Organization and implementation of a professional and effective briefing of your guests in the premises of your property.

Creation of an individual house folder

on the topics: Wi-Fi, building services, restaurant tips, excursion destinations, bathing bays, etc.

Advice and support

Consulting, organization and support for the purchase of a real estate, conversion, new construction until completion (Final de obra)

office-820390_1920 (1)
Exchange of information by our office

We also use our extensive expertise and experience to assess the condition of your property.

Network of architects and technicians

Our architects and technicians have extensive knowledge and skills in design, planning, construction and construction management.

Network of real estate agents

CasaCare REMALEX S.L. has a wide network of experienced and reliable real estate agents with whom we work closely to provide our clients with comprehensive and first-class services.